Software Request Form

IT Services
Email: [email protected] - Ext:52444
Software request form
One form should be submitted per software request.
Staff should inform their Line Managers and Finance Officers of the order, before raising a request via My IT Desk, and attaching the forms to it.
All media will be retained by IT Services.
Contact name & details
The contact provided will have responsibility
for acting as the primary advisory contact on
non technical aspects of the software.
Test contact name & details
If the contact named above is not the
appropriate individual to test functionality of
the deployed software, please specify here.
Recipients name & details
College/School/PAS authoriser
Budget code / Quoted Cost
PC/Mac Asset No(s)
Choose an item.
Supporting Business Case – all requests must include a full business case below.
Software title
What is its main functionality & how will this
support the University.
Quantity required
Type of license
Recurrent/non recurrent
Renewal date i.e. contract
Recurrent software requires renewal payments
to be made.
renewal date, usually 30days prior
to new contract start date
Contract dates contract start & finish
Deadline please state any
deadline & inc why
Upgrade to an existing license?
If yes provide further information such as
existing license version, codes etc.
Further information
Include any information about the software that
should be considered.
Deployment Restrictions
Are there any restrictions which may impact ITS installing this such as limited
access to hardware/availability of specialist knowledge?
Decommission old versions
Are there previous versions/similar software that can be decommissioned?
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