Crisis Intervention Referral Process – Georgian College

Barrie Campus: Crisis Intervention & Emergency Situations Referral Process
Obvious medical emergency
(e.g. heart attack, bleeding)
Imminent Suicide Risk
Aggression/safety issues
Campus Safety and Security ext. 5100
Police/Ambulance emergency 911
Disruptive student behavior and NonAcademic Conducts concerns
Traumatic events on campus
Harassment and/or discrimination on the
basis of race, sex, religion, disability, sexual
orientation, etc.
A student’s belief that he/she has been
treated unfairly, and/or has a problem
resolving disputes
Conflict Resolution Manager ext. 1012
Suicidal thoughts
Emotional Distress
Delusional & Paranoid Thinking
CMHA Crisis Services 705-728-5044
Counselling On-Call ext. 1523
Good2Talk 866-925-5454
Emergency housing for students at risk of
physical/sexual harm, or facing destitution
Students needing assistance with appeals
and advice on their rights
Faculty Coordinator
Counsellors ext. 1523
Students in need of free legal services
Legal Aid Barrie
Students in need of emergency funding
Financial Assistance ext. 5267
CRISIS INTERVENTION REFERRAL PROCESS developed by: Student Success Services