Guidelines Chem 12

Attached is a copy of the guidelines for your chemistry class. As your first assignment, you are responsible for
reading and discussing the requirements within this set of guidelines with a parent or guardian. After taking the
time to understand what the expectations for Ms Backus’ chemistry class are, sign this form and return it to Ms
After reading, I understand and will follow the rules and procedures set forth in this set of guidelines.
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Attached is a copy of the guidelines for your child’s chemistry class. Please read these and discuss the meaning
with your child including the section on Academic Atmosphere. It is important that you and he/she fully
understand what the expectations and procedures for the class are. If there are any questions please feel free to
contact Ms. Backus at [email protected] Once you are clear on all the expectations and procedures, please
sign this form, have your child sign the form, and have your child return it to Ms Backus.
After reading, I understand, and have discussed the rules and procedures for Ms. Backus’ chemistry class with
my child.
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Second parent signature here, if desired
Chemistry Guidelines
Welcome to chemistry! I have included important information below for us to have a successful year. I look
forward to a great year together.
Purchase the following items:
Chemistry Binder (book sale)
Holt – Chemistry - 2004 - Text book –Holt, Rinehart and Winston (available at book sale)
Autobiography - Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks (available in book store)
1 box tissues
Blue or black pens (not water soluble ink – regular ball point pens are usually good)
Loose-leaf notebook paper (for quizzes, notes, in class work)
3 ring binder for notes and handouts
Notebook for notes (optional – may use loose leaf paper and binder)
Scientific Calculator (a graphing calculator is not necessary but may be used)
Carbonless lab notebook – 100 pages
Closed toe shoes for labs (wear every day or bring a pair to save in class – must have to do labs)
Graph paper – may buy a pack or print from online (need some in 3 ring binder available for labs)
3x5 index cards – pack of 100
Classroom Expectations
You should always come to class prepared and on time. This means bring your notebook with blank paper, your chem manual, your
lab notebook, writing implement, completed assignments, closed toed shoes (for labs) and a calculator. Most importantly come with
an open mind and be prepared for ANYTHING! Once you are in the classroom I ask that you follow a few basic rules:
- Get your materials out at the start of class and be ready to learn.
- Always be courteous to, supportive of, and respectful to each other.
- Maintain an atmosphere that promotes learning for the entire class.
- Be respectful of classroom and lab supplies and equipment
- Follow safety rules
- Participate, and ask questions.
Academic Honesty
Your work must be your own. Do not copy/plagiarize. This includes lab reports, projects, and homework as well as tests and quizzes.
All those involved in a copying incident will receive a zero for the assignment. Only data between lab partners may be identical,
answers to questions, discussions and conclusions must be your own ideas and words.
Grading Criteria
A. Homework
Homework will be assigned throughout the year. I expect everyone to make an attempt at ALL the problems. If you have
difficulty with the homework, seek help from a classmate or the teacher. Homework is typically for practice, some may be
recorded for credit. Quizzes on material from homework assignments will be given.
B. Tests
Tests will occur after each Unit. They will typically be worth 100 points. They may have a lab component as well as a
written component.
C. Quizzes
Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced. Quizzes vary in points. Keep up with homework and in-class activities
and neither type of quiz will be difficult for you. If you are absent the day of a quiz, it is your responsibility to check with the
teacher for a make-up quiz.
D. Activities
Throughout the course, we will do special activities to further enhance your knowledge of a topic. Point values will vary for
these assignments.
E. Laboratory
Laboratory work is an important part of any science class. If you miss a lab activity, you are still responsible for the content
and write up. For some labs obtaining data from your partner and then writing your own analysis may be sufficient, however
you must speak to your instructor about what to do to for the specific material that was missed. Lab reports will be both
formal and informal. Informal lab reports may include just analysis questions. Formal Lab reports will be typed and follow
the lab report guidelines (separate handout).
Grading Procedure
Each assignment will be allotted a certain number of points based upon its length and difficulty. Your grade will be calculated on the
basis of the percentage of earned points out of total possible points. Letter grades for quarters will be assigned according to the
student hand book (i.e. 93 or higher A; 90-92 A-, etc.) Quarter grades will not be rounded. Semester grades will be rounded, with 0.5
or greater rounded up. Grades, by assignment, will be posted online. These will be posted on infinite campus as graded. Materials will
be graded as soon as feasible, depending on the assignment length and frequency. If you have a question about your grades, you need
to make an appointment with me. I will not usually discuss grades during class time.
Attendance / Late Assignments
In order to succeed in Chemistry, it is important to attend class regularly. If you must miss class due to illness, vacation, field trip, etc.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for getting notes on the missed materials, retrieving missed handouts, and completing missed assignments
(in a timely fashion). There is a rack where you can find any handouts that I give to the class and handouts are available online. Check
it if you are absent. If your absence from class is unexcused (that is, if it appears on your permanent record as such) you will receive a
3% deduction on your quarter grades.
If you do not complete an assignment on time (or take more than a week to make up absent work), you may be able to use one of your
late assignment coupons (two per quarter). These coupons are to be filled out and attached to the late assignment when you turn it in
to me. The coupons are not good for all assignments. Late assignments without coupons will not be accepted and thus receive a grade
of zero. New coupons will be handed out at the start of every quarter. Use them wisely.
Communication and Extra Help
From time to time I will need to contact the class or individuals via email. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to check your
school email account daily.
If you are having difficulties in the class for any reason please come see me, my office is X-228. To assure I will be available, please
make an appointment. I am more than willing to spend some extra time helping you. The new ARC is also open for academic
You or your parents may also contact me using voice mail: 224-632-3271 or using email: [email protected] Email is my
preferred form of communication so that we don’t get caught up in phone tag! I will try to respond to email within about 1 school day.
I am looking forward to a great year.
Ms Backus