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Chemistry Syllabus
Mrs. Janice Warren
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Course Objective and Description
The intent is to make chemistry a subject that is easily accessible to all learners, while broadening each student’s
view of the role of chemistry in their lives. Emphasis will be on applying concepts, not rote memorization.
Students will gain an understanding of chemistry concepts including but not limited to thermodynamics, the
mole concept, acids and bases, solutions, atomic structure, molecular geometry, chemical equations, gas laws,
equilibrium, and more. Regular exercises will be given to ensure students are grasping concepts. Labs will be
conducted to enhance the learning process. Students will understand and implement safe laboratory practices.
At least one formal lab report/project will be required.
Course Specifics
1. We will use the Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd Edition.
2. An assignment sheet will be handed out for each module listing the objectives for each class, homework
assignments, lab days and tests. This sheet may be modified at times.
3. Algebra I is a prerequisite for this class. Physical science or the equivalent is highly recommended. If math is a
concern, an additional year of math is recommended before taking this course. (Recommended for grades 10
and above)
Course Rubric
Class Participation (10%)
Homework (10%)
Homework will be given to supplement what is learned in class. Expect between 45-60 minutes of
homework on non-class days. Homework grades are not entirely based on accuracy but on a continued
improvement in understanding the material presented. Homework completion is critical to success in
the class since we only meet a few hours each week. Points will be deducted for late assignments.
Lab Reports (20%)
Quizzes/Warm-Up exercises (25%)
Tests and Projects(35%)-Most tests will be open-book, take home tests (unless otherwise specified).
Materials Needed
 3 ring binder (preferably 1 ½ to 2”) with dividers labeled as follows: class notes, tests and quizzes, homework,
 pencils (Unless specified, all assignments are to be written in pencil; class notes can be taken in pen.)
 ruler with metric and English
 calculator
 notebook paper
 highlighter
Make-up Work/Absences/Late Work
 Any work not turned in on time will be considered late. Appropriate points will be deducted. One day will be
given to turn in late assignments. A zero will be given for any work not turned in by the next class period.
 If you are absent, you have two days to complete any missed assignments.
 If you are absent more than two days, I will make arrangements with you about due dates for your assignments.