7th grade reading syllabus

Auburn Middle School
7 Grade Reading Syllabus
Teacher: Ms. Skradis
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (402) 274-4328 EXT: 119
Availability: Before school- 7:30 a.m. -8:00 a.m.
After school- 3:40 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Please call to schedule any meeting times when needed!
Welcome to 7th Grade Reading!
Students will work hard developing and building upon vocabulary skills. Each week they
will be introduced to a new group of words. They will also be introduced to a group of
pre-fixes or suffixes each week. Students will learn and use a variety of important reading
comprehension skills. They will practice using these skills when reading a variety of
texts, mostly non-fiction.
Classroom Expectations
Students are expected to be to class on time. Any student not in their seat by the
time the bell rings will be marked tardy. Once seated, all students will complete “Bell
Work” as attendance is being taken. Students should come to class with all supplies ready
to learn and work. ACTIVE PARTICIPATION is expected everyday!
The student is responsible for retrieving any work they have missed while gone
from school. They will have the same number of days that they were absent to turn in any
assignment that was missed or to make up any quiz. If the student is absent for an
extended period of time, they will need to come meet with me.
Homework Policy/Make-up Work
Students should expect classroom activities, assigned readings, and classroom
discussions on a daily basis. Quizzes will also be used as an assessment tool. All work
must be turned in on time on the assigned due date. “Homework” will be 10% off every
day it is late until it is a zero. Late work will NOT be accepted during the last two weeks
of the quarter/semester.
Grading: 80% Performance Grade (tests, quizzes, projects)
20% Practice Grade (homework, guided practice, participation)
Classroom Rules/Behavior
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Prepared
I want to provide each student with a safe learning environment. To achieve this,
students are expected to respect their teacher, their peers, and classroom materials. I
encourage active discussions during classroom time, however, when I am instructing I
expect each student to be listening and to keep from distracting anyone else.
*Any student who cannot follow classroom rules/expectations will receive two verbal warnings.
If the behavior continues, they must meet with me to discuss appropriate consequences.