stock pitch presentation outline

Stock Pitch Presentation Outline - Consumer
Stock pitch presentations will be similar to the presentations we gave at the end of the fall
Company Overview
 Size.
 Product.
 Location / primary market.
 Brief (!) history.
Industry Overview
 Competition.
 Porter’s 5 Forces.
 Changes in target market, input or output prices, legislation, etc. that may affect your
industry sector.
Financials (see Apr 7 lesson)
 Profit measures.
 Investment and financing activities.
 Liquidity / financial health measures.
 Charts are especially helpful here.
Valuation (see Mar 17 lesson)
 5 yr price range.
 EPS.
 PE and PEG ratios.
 Trading volume.
 Charts are especially helpful here.
Opportunities and Risks
 Company specific - product pipeline, management, expansion, strategy.
 Sector specific - target market changes, input or output price changes, government
 Competition.
Investment Recommendation
 Summarize opportunities and risks.
 State buy/hold price recommendation and how you arrived at it.
 Charts are especially helpful here.
You do not need to cover all of this in your presentation. You only have 5-10 minutes. Pick the
components that are most relevant to your company and its industry sector.