Relationship Flow - Mapping

Understanding how relationships impact outcomes
Define Relationship
 Relationship: “Connection: a significant connection or
similarity. Behavior or feelings towards someone else:
way we behave toward or feel about each other.” search
 Rapport; bond; liaison; link……
How do you define relationship within your
Definition of Process Mapping
 Well….look this one up and you will get a variety of
definitions and classes you can take:
 has the simplest definition: “Process mapping is a
technique where a business process or workflow is converted
into a visual, step-by-step diagram. Process mapping is used
to better understand an existing process and to help develop a
more effective one. The goal of process mapping is to improve
business results.”
Read more:
 Businesses are still struggling to understand Process Mapping
What Are You Talking About?
 I looked at the concept of process mapping and
relationships and how they impact each other.
 Relationship maps in business focus on the impact of
functions on other functions or groups.
 I look at how our “relationships” also impact our
 We have Organization Charts in place and Flowcharts
for processes or goals, but how do these affect the
relationships or how do the relationships affect them?
Charts is Charts!
 Organization Charts are great at giving us the “chain of
command” or who’s who.
 Where are the customers in the chart?
 What does the organization truly do?
 What are the relationships?
 Flowcharts are great at laying out the chain and show
us the sequence of processes.
What impact do relationships have?
Is there room for flexibility?
What Are Charts Good For?
 They are great for visual learners.
 Can give us a “road map” or direction in completing a goal
or task.
 Can increase communication and create a common
reference point.
 They can show how you want work done in your
What about the personalities behind the charts? What about
the interactions required to move through the charts?
Activity “Gumdrops and Noodles”
 Yay! We get to play!
 Why did we do this?
What Will Relationship Mapping
 Reduced: redundancy, burn-out, strained
relationships, confusion, non-value processes…..
 Increased: empowerment, communication,
understanding, productive conversations, desired
More satisfied customers because of improved processes
and desired outcomes. What is our goal? Current
number of charter schools in Colorado – 184 serving
82,999 students. Why?
“Tennis Everyone!”
 From my book “Tennis Everyone!” An Empowering
Way to Improve Your Interactions with Others:
 “The teachers, administrators, parents, community,
government and students all want the same thing. All
the players……children to get educated and become
productive citizens…..”
 “What if everyone looked at the goal from the other
players’ perspectives?”
Do we truly understand our parallels with each other?
Systematic In Our Approach
 To be systematic is to be well organized and using a
method for organization. It also means to be
thorough, regular and procedural.
 In your current position, do you analyze your
relationships with the other stakeholders?
 Do you have a process to understand the impact?
 What methods or programs do you utilize to improve
your interactions with others? To communicate your
Basic Charting
 Example………………
1. Identify our group
Generate Purpose
2. What are our outcomes
3. Who is our customer
4. What are our inputs/resources
5. Who supplies the inputs
6. What about in our group-inputs and outputs
7. Other Impacts:
2. Interactions and Actions
 Over the next 2 weeks:
Observe the interactions and conversations amongst one
group. Keep a journal or a log if possible-make some notes.
Analyze the time spent on the purpose, vision or goal.
2. Pick a supplier and input. (Or your commodity – the
student) Use the following questions and contact them or
analyze yourself.
Do they know your vision or goal? What your focus is?
What outcomes are they seeking?
What are your needs –vs- their needs?
Look at your flowchart for the goal you are analyzing. How are the
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Thanks for attending – Go rock your relationships!