week 6

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Week Six: Bully For Your Thoughts-Part III
1. ruthless – (adjective)
Definition – showing no pity or compassion
Synonym - cruel; merciless; heartless Antonym – compassionate, sensitive
Example Context Clue Sentence – The bully was ruthless to the new student; for
example, he was cruel and continued to torment the new student everyday.
2. confiscate – (verb)
Definition – to seize/take/grasp by way of penalty or with authority or with force
Synonym – seize Antonym – give; offer
Comparison Context Clue Sentence – The principal confiscated the student’s cell phone
and then called her parents; similarly, the mother seized her son’s cell phone as a
consequence for his awful and rude behavior.
3. degrade (verb) – Greek/Latin Root Word – grad/gress = step
Definition – to reduce someone’s worth or value; to make someone step down to a lower
Synonym – demean, belittle, humiliate
Antonym – praise, flatter
Comparison Context Clue Sentence – When the mean bully degraded me by making fun
of my new haircut, it was just like the time my cousin was so humiliated about the awful
comments about her new jacket that she cried and cried for days.
4. remorse – (noun)
Definition – deep and painful regret for wrongdoing;
Synonym – regret, sorrow Antonym - indifference
Contrast Context Clue Sentence – I felt remorse after I punched my little brother, and he
started crying unlike the boy who felt no regret at all over not studying when he got back his
science test with a 58% on it.
5. rivalry – (noun)
Definition – the act of competing; state or condition of being a rival; competitive or
antagonistic relationship
Synonym – competition Antonym – agreement, peace
Definition Context Clue Sentence – Some sports teams have rivalries, or ongoing
competitive relationships, with one another, such as the Devils and Rangers.