week 8 - Colts Neck Township Schools

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Week Eight: Will the Real Victims Please Stand Up?—Part II
1. mortified – (adjective)
Definition – To experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride
Synonym – embarrassed, humiliated Antonym - proud
Definition context clue sentence – When his lunch and the notebook fell all over the place
in front of his crush and she saw her name written all over his notebook, he felt mortified,
which means he was filled with humiliation.
*The cheerleader was mortified, or humiliated, when she fell flat on her face while doing a back
2. contempt – (noun)
Definition – the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile,
or worthless; to have disdain; to have scorn.
Synonym – disdain; hatred Antonym – admiration; respect
Sample example context clue sentence – Most people have strong distain or contempt
for those people who do horrible things to the environment such as leaving their garbage on
the beach, throwing trash out of cars and dumping garbage down sewers.
*Many people have contempt for people who show qualities like disrepect, arrogance and a
violent temper.
3. anguished – (adjective)
Definition – to be inflicted with distress, suffering, or pain; to be distraught; to be filled with
agony and torment
Synonym – unhappy; depressed Antonym – cheerful; joyful
Sample definition context clue sentence – The family was anguished, or extremely
distraught, over the decision to put their dog down after his recent and unexpected illness.
4. intolerable – (adjective)
Definition – something that is extremely difficult to endure; unendurable; insufferable;
Synonym – unacceptable
Antonym – acceptable
Sample example context clue sentence – Sometimes I find it difficult to sleep when there
are intolerable conditions such as my baby sister crying through the night or sleeping at my
grandma’s house in the summer because she does not have air conditioning.
5. bravado – (noun)
Definition – a false show of bravery or courage
Synonym – bluster; boastfulness
Antonym – modesty; humility
Sample definition context clue sentence – Monk, the head of the gang, had bravado, that
is a false show of courage, because when you actually confronted him and stood up to him, he
was a coward and would back down.
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Language Arts
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