week 5 - Colts Neck Township Schools

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Language Arts
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Week Five: Bully For Your Thoughts-Part II
1. menace – (noun)
Definition/synonym – a person whose actions, attitudes, or ideas are considered
dangerous or harmful
Synonyms: ________________________________________________________
Antonym: help, assistant
Comparison Context Clue sentence – When he gets behind the wheel of a car, he
is a real menace; similarly when Bob is on the field he can be dangerous because he
checks people and plays in unsafe ways.
2. torment – (verb)
Definition/synonym – to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering, to worry or
annoy excessively
Synonyms: pester, torture
Antonym: delight
Example Context Clue sentence – During the long car ride, the three-year-old was
tormenting his sister in several different ways such as asking constant questions, pulling
her hair, and trying to take her headphones from her ears.
3. mocked – (verb)
Definition – to ridicule by mimicry of action or speech
Synonyms: mimic
Antonym: praise, flatter
Definition Context Clue sentence – My older brother mocked, or mimicked, me by
repeating what I was saying to him with a whiny voice.
4. glowered – (verb)
Definition/synonym – to look or stare with sullen dislike, displease/unhappiness,
agitation, or anger.
Synonyms: glare
Antonym: smile
Comparison Context Clue sentence – The mother glowered at her child as he was
talking back to her; similarly the teacher was staring at the students with
agitation when they would not quiet down to listen to the directions.
5. despicable – (adjective)
definition/synonym: deserving to be despised or hated
Synonyms: vile, detestable
Antonym: admirable
Comparison Context Clue sentence – The 5th grade bully who stole the stuffed
animal of a kindergartener on the first day of school was despicable similar to the vile
and mean man who kicked the dog so it would get out of his way.
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