Level F Unit 3

Level F Unit 3
1. Work out the RPS (provided on the last
slide) by creating a key and defining the
roots, prefixes, and suffixes in each word.
2. Use the context clue page to point out the
synonym and antonym clues AS WELL AS
the support and contrast signals.
3. Read every sentence. If there is a
question, answer it on the sidelines.
• Every immigrant group newly arrived in another
country goes through a slow process of
• Certain languages such as Afrikaans are the
product of ______ and were created when two
societies merged. ***What cultures formed the
Old English language? Name the line.;
• Modern American society can justly be said to be
the end point of the _______ of diverse groups
of immigrants.
• I ______ cruelty yet do not always notice
when I have said something cruel without
meaning to.
• No matter what their other likes or dislikes
are, all Americans thoroughly ______ slavery
in all its forms
• The Biblical prophets . ______ idol worship of
any kind and rallied vehemently against such
• It was no _______ meeting that led to their
writing songs together, for in fact they were
• We must distinguish between the truly basic
policies of our political party and those that are
________ and have little connection with the
essential program.
• His investments proved to be profitable, but they
were _______ rather than the result of careful
• You may _______ these holes to gophers or
elves, but I blame the dog next door.
• Some people say that they cannot understand
her defeat in the elections, but I _____ it to
her failure to discuss issues in simple terms.
• You are following an all too familiar pattern in
_______ your failures to anyone and everyone
except yourself.
• I followed a ______ path through the woods, not
because I feared pursuit, but because I was lost.
• His line of questioning was so ______ that I
began to suspect that he was not sure of what he
was tyring to prove.
• I was simply unable to follow the _______
reasoning by which she ‘proved’ that a straight
line is not necessarily the shortest distance
between two points.
• The family _______ with her after the loss of
her old faithful dog.
• Only someone who has suffered from bursitis
can fully _________with me when I am in the
throes of an acute attack.
• _______ is a noble human emotion, but in
itself it is no substitute for vigorous efforts to
help other people.
• I ______ the to stop spending so much money
or face the consequences.
• Declaring the boycott to be illegal, the jidge
____ the labor union from applying it against
the employing firm.
• They are conscientious objectors to military
service because they are _______ by a deep
religious conviction not to take a human life.
• The pleasant background music did not _____
my work, but instead distracted me.
• The new computerized referral system will
greatly ______ the processing of complaints
by customers.
• The worst way I can think of to ______ this
program would be to set up a new Committee
on _______ Programs.
• The seemed more than willing to _______
their guilt by whatever means necessary.
• He _______ the crime committed during his
youth by a lifetime of service to humanity.
• After he had seen the error of his ways, the
villain attempted to ______ the dark decades
of his past by acts of kindness.
• Caught in the _______ of revolution, young
men enlisted with local militias.
• Wines from that part of France are produced
by _____ the juice of the luscious grapes that
grow on the hillsides.
• With the deadline fast approaching, the local
newspaper office was in a _______ of last
minute activity and preparation.
• The poor fellow was stronger than he realized,
and the damage he did was _______. (what
connection can you make with the sophomore
curriculum? Write it on the line).
• If, as you say, your slamming of the door on the
way out was completely _____, you should be
more careful in the future.
• An experienced politician always tried to avoid
making ________ remarks that may offend some
• Because so many of its patients were having
financial trouble, the health clinic charged
only______ fees.
• While he remained the ______ leader of the
group, the real power passed into the hands
of his wily aide.
• We questioned her quietly, carefully, and at
length, but her answers remained _________.
• We had hoped to learn his opinion of the new
energy program, but he remained completely
______ during the interview.
• When I spoke to Mother about going on the
Easter tripo to Washington, her only response
was a ________, “We’ll see”.
• Investigators discovered that the clerk came up with a
scheme to ______ money from the company.
• Much of the money that the ‘robber barons’ _______
from public trust was never recovered– or even
• _______ was such a common offense among Roman
provincial governors that, when asked how they made
their fortunes, they simply replied, “In the provinces”.
(Name one of the outlying areas of Rome that would
have been considered provincial)
• Curious, patient, and fond of long walks
outdoors, she soon displayed a _____ for nature
• Since she seems to have a strong _____ both for
science and form service to others, she should
study medicine.
• I learned that I would have to make a choice
between my strong aversion to hard work and my
equally strong _______ for eating.
• **name one of your proclivities on the line
• An experienced actor can perform with what
seems like limitless _____, even when he
forgets a line.
• Who in the world can hope to match the
unshakable ______ of the indestructible
James Bond in moments of great peril?
• It is only in my fantasies that I display the
_______ associated with movie heroes who
are as ‘cool as a cucumber’.
• Dictators usually begin their reigns by
searching out and silencing _______ opinion.
• We Americans do not believe that honest
criticism of our public officials, no matter how
severe, should be regarded as ______.
• Our military is prepared to deal with external
aggression, but our best defense against
_____ at home is the loyalty of the American
• My grasp of trigonometry was _____ until I
attended extra help sessions.
• He claims to be a close friend of the senator,
but I believe the connection between them is
• Experienced lawyers know that the line
between literal truth and slight but significant
distortion of the facts is often a ______ one.
• Though hurt by his _____ language, I had to
admit that some of his points were valid.
• You could have indicated frankly what you
thought was wrong without embittering them
with such _______ criticism.
• Although hat critic is feared for _______
reviews, I have learned that there is usually a
sound basis for her unfavorable judgements.
• The spy used charm and flattery to _______
the information from the diplomat.
• As charming, clever, and persuasive as you
may be, you will certainly not _______ me
into lending you my tennis racquet.
• Since he has been able to _______ almost
anything he wants out of his parents, he is
quite unprepared now to face the harsh
realities of life.
From, away
portend or
To, toward,
Circle, ring
To write,
Without, to
To go before Vert
Bend, turn
Full of or
having the
qualities of
Context Clues: Synonym ad Antonym
Synonym Context Clue Signal words
Antonym Context Clue Signal Words
Additionally, also, and,
besides, furthermore, in
addition, likewise,
Although, but, despite,
even though, however, in
contrast, in spite of,
instead of, nevertheless,
on the contrary, on the
other hand, rather than,
still yet