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Week 23: The Bad, the Very Bad, and the Worst--Part II
1. chaotic (adjective)
Definition – completely confused or disordered
Synonyms: disorganized, hectic, frenzied, confused, muddled Antonym: organized, calm
Sample comparison context clue sentence – Bob’s locker was so chaotic he could not find the
binder he needed; similarly the outlet mall is frenzied and hectic at the holidays because so maybe
people are trying to buy gifts at discount prices.
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2. loathe – (verb)
Definition – to feel disgust or complete aversion for something
Synonym: hate, despise, detest
Antonym: love, admire, relish, savor
Sample contrast context clue sentence – My little sister loathes lima beans, gagging every time
she has to eat one, unlike me who loves the delicious taste of lima beans.
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3. strife – (noun)
Definition – vigorous or bitter conflict
Synonym: trouble, conflict
Antonym: peace
Sample contrast context clue sentence – There was an enormous amount of strife and conflict
in the house during my parents’ divorce; unlike my grandma’s 90th birthday where everyone was
happy and at peace.
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4. annihilate – (verb) Definition – to reduce to utter ruin or nonexistence; to totally wipe out of
Synonym: exterminate, obliterate
Antonym: protect, safeguard
Sample comparison context clue sentence – Hurricane Sandy annihilated many homes along
the New Jersey shore just like Hurricane Katrina that obliterated and totally destroyed much of New
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