Week 19

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Language Arts
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Week 19: Do You Talk the Walk?--Part II
1. straggler (noun)
Definition – person who is falling behind the group
Synonym: dawdler, slowpoke
Antonym: leader
Compare Context Clue Sample Sentence – At the aquarium, one of the students was a
straggler while at the shark tank just like the times when I dawdle by the make-up counter
instead of staying with my mom as she walks further into the store.
Your own context clue sentence:
2. meander – (verb)
Definition – to wander aimlessly; to move along at a winding or indirect course
Synonym: wander, zigzag, roam, amble
Antonym: go direct, stay on path
Contrast Context Clue Sample Sentence –Unlike Sally who goes directly to her own
locker and then to class, Sandy will meander through the hallways stopping at several
friend’s lockers, then her own and will then be late to class.
Your own context clue sentence:
3. endurance (noun)
GREEK & LATIN ROOT: DUR = harden, hold out, last, strengthen
Definition: The power to withstand or hold up to stress or hardship
Synonym: strength, persistence, perseverance
Antonym: weakness
Compare Sentence: Mr. Mulligan has running endurance because he does it every day;
similarly you need strength and the ability to withstand stress to climb the Swiss Alps.
Your own context clue sentence:
4. procrastinate (verb)
Definition – to delay starting something, to put off doing something until the last second
Synonym: postpone, delay
Antonyms: accelerate, advance, complete, do, finish, go ahead, quicken
Contrast Context Clue Sample Sentence – My brother always procrastinates when he
has a big project, literally waiting until the night before it is due to begin, unlike me who
begins the project pretty much the day it is assigned, so I know it will be completed well and
on time.
Your own context clue sentence:
5. persevere – verb
Definition: continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no
prospect of success.
Synonym: pursue, persist
Antonym: discontinue, give up
Contrast Context Clue Sample Sentence - Despite many obstacles throughout his life
that may have prevented success, Michael Oher persevered and got a scholarship to
college, unlike many other children who grow up in poverty and are surrounded by drugs and