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ASSURE Model Instructional Plan
Rocks and Minerals Identification
Mrs. Maria Westphal
5 times of 25 minutes.
Analyze Learners
12 Males/8Females
No physical disabilities:
o No disabilities
o No learning Differences
o No cultural/Ethnic Notes
5. Make sure learners are seated in a circle to be able to see the teacher and openly
converse with each other, use the songs during circle time, Use the flashcards from
home project.
6. Learning Styles
o Visual 25%
o Auditory (Aural)10%
o Kinesthetic (Hands On)65%
State Objectives
ABCDs of strong objectives are included:
A – Action
B – Behavior
C – Condition
D – Degree
These objectives are all cited on the website created for the thematic unit, under the
learning objectives tab.
Select Methods, Media, , and Materials
All methods, media, and materials needed for the lesson are listed on the website
Give rationales why these selected methods, media and materials are appropriate for your
1. What are the methods: home project of making flashcards; songs from you tube; class
field trip; math worksheets; report on people of significance.
2. What are the media: YouTube; Jr. Archeologist website; research done on
3. What are the materials: textbook -Creative
Teaching Press™ Inside
Earth and Space Science, WebQuest
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Last Revised: December 11, 2005
Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods
For each listed above, details of how they will be implemented into the lesson to enhance
learning with using 5Ps.
1. Preview the materials: all materials have been previewed and are available for viewing
on the website.
2. Prepare the materials: All materials will be accessed from the website.
3. Prepare the environment: Display the rocks and minerals lab around the room. Main
studying will be done on the carpet at circle time.
4. Prepare the learners: Engage the learners by playing youtube songs while stations are
being cleaned up and changing during the warm-up section?
5. Provide the learning experiences: various learning experiences all detailed on the
Require Learner Participation
Evaluate & Revise
Evaluation methods for each of the following are included:
1. Student Performance
Create a rubric based on the objectives that you listed in the second part of this
lesson plan as detailed as possible. Available on the website.
2. Media Effectiveness
How you evaluate the effective use of the media that you select for this lesson?
Online poll and survey sent home with kids for both parent and learner evaluation.
3. Instructor Performance
How your performance is assessed in this lesson? Open discussion online with
parent’s comments, and survey sent home. Test on rock and mineral identification to
evaluate learner retention.
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Last Revised: December 11, 2005