Tips for Teaching Children More Effectively

Tips for Teaching Children More Effectively
√ Effective learning requires active involvement on the part of the learner.
Children learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process.
Because they are by nature active, children tend not to respond well to learning
experiences in which they have little to do.
√ Effective learning is enhanced when the learner has the opportunity to make
choices about his learning.
When children are given the opportunity to make choices, they have a sense of
ownership and responsibility which strengthens the learning experience.
√ Effective learning involves repetition.
Children need repeated opportunities to make Bible truths a part of their lives.
The more often children hear a bible story or verse or truth repeated, the more
likely it is that they will learn it.
√ Children learn through relationships.
The ultimate goal in teaching children at church is to lead each of them to
personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Children will base what they know about
God and his love on the people who share that love with them.
√ Children learn in a variety of ways.
When choosing teaching methods, remember, some children are …
… visual learners and they like to see things as they learn.
… auditory learners and they learn better through listening .
… kinesthetic learners and they like to move as they learn.
It is important to plan activities that offer a variety of learning styles and
approaches. Some children learn better as they express themselves verbally.
For others it is a more logical style such as solving problems. Other children
learn better through music, relationships, nature, reflectively as well as
visually and physically.
For more information contact Bible Teaching & Discipling Team, Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists
5410 S.W. 7th Street, Topeka, KS 66606-2398
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