Top tips for running a public speaking skills

Speak Out for Change
Top Tips for running a public speaking programme
Ensure learner buy-in - You can do this in various ways but one way would
be at the initial planning stage holding a learner focus group. During the
project continue listening to the learner voice and ensure there are adequate
opportunities for this.
Give learners the power to make real decisions - This leads on from the
learner buy-in. Give the learners some real power. This could be with regards
to controlling the spending of a project budget but should at least be the
project’s topic and activities.
Deliver taught vocal techniques - Having the confidence to speak in public
can be boosted by learners learning such things as breathing techniques to
control nerves. It is worth spending time at the beginning of the project on
such techniques.
Consider how you can use technology - Use of social media, DVD, music
or photography to support the projects voice.
Keep it fun - Naturally, when learners lead projects, the fun element will be
created automatically.
Involve the community - If there is an opportunity, involve local
groups/members of the community to ensure learners are part of making
some real change in their community.
Be flexible to change - Welcome change. As the project develops and
learners have control, embrace the learner’s ideas and opportunities which
this creates.
Be honest about your own fear- Participate in activities and discuss any
fears you may have had with regards to public speaking.
Invite a well-known public speaker in to talk about public speaking - This
could be a local councillor, mayor, MP or better still a youth MP/MEP
Celebrate the project - Shout about the learner’s achievements. Maybe have
a film premier or art/photography exhibition and discuss the topic with an
invited un-familiar audience
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