LED Light-Diffusing Compounds - Innovation Bulletin

Advanced Color Technology from RTP Company for LED Solutions
Quick Information
Increased light output compared to traditional LED lens material
Adjustable diffusement and color capability
Technology advancements results in cost savings
Imagine a light diffusing material for LED
products that eliminates hot spots,
improves light output, and reduces the
number of LEDs required resulting in
cost savings. One that displays uniform
color and is available in a variety of
At RTP Company, we’ve not only
imagined this technology, we have made
it a reality. Traditional LEDs normally
produce a pinpoint bright light called a
“hot spot”. RTP Company technology
provides uniform diffusion resulting in a
light source absent of hotspots.
emitted from the LED: blue, green, red,
and white.
The opportunity to “tune-in” LED light
diffusement, including color, contributes
to design and visual freedom not
previously available when working with
L E D t e c h n o l o g y. I n a d d i t i o n t o
diffusement and color technology we can
provide UV resistance and flammability
ratings per your requirements.
With new LED light technology, RTP
Company is on the forefront of
imagineering lens materials that transmit
and disperse light more evenly.
With the ever growing use of LED’s in
lighting signage, automotive components
and architectural lighting, LED advantages
are becoming increasingly apparent.
These advantages include; energy
saving, reduced packaging, longer life
and safer (lower heat) operation.
RTP Company can supply light diffusing
compounds for LED applications in most
colors, including light diffused translucent
white. We can create colors that
compliment the wavelength of light
Traditional LEDs normally produce a pinpoint bright light called a hot
spot. New LED technology from RTP Company diffuses and
dispersed light eliminating the hotspot.
Consistent light absent of LED “hot spots”
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LED Lighting Solutions
Application areas Include;
• LED backlit signage
• Channel lettering
• Architectural accent lighting
• LED light bulb lens
Light Diffused Product Offering From RTP Company
Injection and Extrusion Compounds
Sheet/Film Grades
* ASTM D-1003
Flexible materials available upon request, Colors available upon request, Additive concentrates available upon
request, Flame Retardant and UV grades available upon request.
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