C5 Broadsheet

Describe an experiment to produce an insoluble salt:
Give the balanced symbol equation to produce
an insoluble precipitate:
56g of butane (C4H8) was burned
completely in 144dm3 of oxygen. Calculate
the total volume of the resulting gas
mixture given that the reaction took place
at RTP.
Describe the test for sulfate ions
Describe an experiment in which the unknown concentration of a substance can be obtained;
Describe an acid-base titration curve.
Which indicator would be better to use for
an acid-base titration and which wouldn’t?
Describe the test for halides ion
Explain how a reaction can reach
Give the four equations for the process in
which Sulfuric Acid is produced.
Quantitative Chemistry
Whose process
makes H2SO4?
What is a strong acid?
State the equation
linking conc. and
How can the volume of gas produced be
Describe the contact process, by giving the stages of the reaction.
Describe the difference between a
strong and weak acid
State the equation
linking moles and
State the conditions needed for making sulfuric acid and their effect on
the position of equilibrium
One mole of any gas occupies what
volume at RTP?
Give the balanced symbol equations for the ionisation
of a weak and a strong acid
Explain the difference between an endpoint and
equivalence point in a titration
Calculate which reactant is in excess when 15 cm3 of 1
mol/dm3 sulphuric acid is mixed with 35 cm3 of 1 mol/dm3
sodium hydroxide. ( H2SO4+ 2NaOH → Na2SO4 + 2H2O )
If it takes 54cm3 of O.1mol/dm3 NaOH to neutralize
125cm3 of HCl, what is the concentration of HCl