The Incredible Cell Project (preAP)

The Incredible Cell Project (preAP)
You will be required to create an analogy of a plant OR animal cell. You (or you and 1 partner) will draw,
color, and label a “Cell City” or other analogy such as a school, office building, hospital, movies (check
out this Hunger Games example), and books (check out this Harry Potter example) on poster board. It
can be half size or full size poster board. Your analogy must be labeled with both the city structure
name and the organelle name. You must also write or type a paper justifying why you chose your
representations based on the functions of them compared to the functions of the organelles. In other
words, tell me the function of the city structure and of the organelle to ensure they are correct
Each project must include the following organelles:
Cell wall (if plant cell)
Cell membrane
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Chloroplasts (if plant cell)
Golgi Bodies
Grades will be based on the following questions:
✓ Is your name clearly marked on the project?
✓ Is the cell type identified? State if it is a plant or animal cell.
✓ Are all of the organelles included and correctly labeled? Each organelle must be labeled with its name and
the city structure.
✓ Do you have a paper justifying why you chose what you did to represent your cell and the organelles?
● Are your analogies accurate? Are the functions clearly stated for each organelle?
✓ Are the materials acceptable?
✓ Is your project constructed as neatly as possible? Neatness will count!
✓ Is your project creative? But more importantly, is your project accurate based on the function of each
You could be awarded with a bonus (20 extra credit points) if your project
is taken to a higher level by making EITHER a 3D model of your cell “city” OR a digital model (think videos,
Minecraft, Sketch Up, Gimp, Flip Snack, and more; NO BONUS POINTS will be given to PowerPoints, Google
Slides, or Prezi projects). All models must be labeled, and all models must be made out of materials that will
not spoil, smell, or attract bugs (bonus points if you use recycled materials). Please make sure your model is
constructed well enough to be transported without falling apart.
Project Due Date: Monday, October 27 by 5:00 pm