Looking Inside Cells


Cell Structure & Function Looking Inside Cells Chapter 1 Section 2

Organelles • Tiny cell structures that make up a cell

Cell Wall • Rigid layer of nonliving material that surrounds the cells of plants – Protects the cell – Supports the cell

Cell Membrane • Controls what substances come into and out of the cell

Nucleus • The cell’s control center, directing all of the cell’s activities

Cytoplasm • Gel-like fluid that supports the organelles inside the cell

Mitochondria • Produce most of the energy for the cell – “Powerhouse”

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) • Transports protein throughout the cell

Ribosomes • Produce the cell’s proteins – Located on the “Rough” ER

Golgi Bodies • Modify proteins • Continue to transport proteins

Chloroplasts • In Plants – Organelle that capture energy from sunlight and use it to produce food for the cell

Vacuoles • Storage areas for the cell – Water – Waste – Nutrients

Lysosomes • Use strong chemicals to digest things like… – Food particles – Old/Dead organelle – Foreign invaders

Bacteria • Single celled organisms – Has… • Cell wall • Cell Membrane – Does not have… • A real nucleus

Specialized Cells • Each type of cell is specialized – Skin – Bones – Muscles – Blood – Brain – Liver – Stomach

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