File - Taylor J. Hellman

Taylor J. Hellman
Summative Assessment
MS-LS1-1 – Conduct an investigation to provide evidence that living things are made of cells;
either one cell or many different numbers and types of cells.
MS-LS1-2 – Develop and use a model to describe the function of a cell as a whole and ways
parts of cells contribute to the function.
Students will describe a cell’s components and how they are arranged
Students will describe what each organelle of a cell does and its main function
Students will analyze how a cell is formed and all of its working parts
Students will be able to construct a cell of their own with all of the organelles
Directions: (Labels will be removed from this picture)
(Label the organelles, write out the function of three organelles each organelle will be one point
and each function will be one point)
(Fill in the blank for the questions below, 1pt each)
1. The cell membrane is__________ permeable.
2. The nucleus of the cell contains ________.
3. ______ is made in the mitochondria.
4. ___________ is studded with ribosomes, and it manufactures lysosomal enzymes and
Short answer (3 points each)
(Write a short response to each question, grammar and punctuation will not be graded)
1. Explain how a cell is like the Metrodome or a football stadium.