Animal and plant cells

Animal and plant cells
Place a tick in each box where the following organelles are found
in a plant or animal cell or both:
The nucleus serves as the information processing centre of the cell.
This organelle has two major functions: it stores the cell's
g______________ material, or _ _ _, and it c_______________
the cell's activities, which include g________, metabolism,
p__________ synthesis and r_____________ (cell division).
All living cells have a cell m____________ that contains and
protects their contents. These membranes also regulate the
passage of molecules __ and ____ of the cells.
C__________ is where most chemical ____________ take place.
Cell wall
Cell membrane
Sap vacuole
Plant cell
Animal cell
Gives plant cells r_g_d_t_ and
s_r_n_t_ for s_p_o_t. The _a_u_l_
also performs this function
Ribosomes (marked by arrows)
C____________ contain a _______
pigment called ___________ which
absorbs ______ energy during
p____________ to make g_______
which is stored as s_____ or used…
… by _______________ to produce
e________ in the process of
r_____________, which usually
requires o___________.
This energy may be required by…
… r_b_s_m_s for the production
(s_n_h_s_s) of p______, such as
_n_y_e_: which control chemical
reactions, e.g. _h_t_s_n_h_s_s,
_e_p_r_t_o_, & _r_t_i_ _y_t_e_i_.
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