MEDT 7461 - Atlanta Public Schools

# of Carnegie Units:
Class Location:
Room 1115
Tutorial Day and Time:
Wednesdays, 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.
Legal Environment of Business is the second course in the Small Business Development Career Pathway. This course
concentrates on the legal aspects of business ownership and management. Legal issues will include contracts, sales, consumer
law, agency and employment law, personal and real property, risk management, environmental law, and government effects
on business. The impact of ethics on business operations will be studied. International business principles are infused in the
standards for Legal Environment of Business. Mastery of these standards through project-based learning and leadership
development activities of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will help prepare students with a competitive edge for
the global marketplace.
The learning outcomes are derived directly from Georgia Performance Standards.
The students will:
Summarize the ethical responsibilities of business owners
Summarize the effects of diverse cultures and customs on business
Determine ethical issues directly related to government regulations
Identify rights and responsibilities of contract negotiations
Analyze the importance of sales regulations
Identify consumer protection legislation and its effects on business
Analyze the role and importance of agency law and employment law as they relate to the conduct of business in the national
and international marketplaces
Explain the legal rules that apply to personal property and real property
Analyze the function of commercial paper
Analyze the function of bankruptcy law
Explain how advances in computer technology impact business law
Explain laws and regulations that apply to the environment and energy
Analyze the role of government in managing a business
Analyze the purpose of business insurance
Analyze the risk involved in product liability
Analyze automobile insurance
Analyze business property insurance
Analyze health/medical and life insurance
Analyze unemployment insurance
Analyze disability insurance
Analyze insurance ethics and insurance fraud
Required Text:
Law for Business and Personal Use, by Adamson-Mietus (15th ed.)
Supplemental Text:
Understanding Business and Personal Law (7th ed.) Glencoe Macmillan
Useful Websites:,,
Activities and Assessments:
Learning activities will consist of class discussions, individualized instruction, group/research discussion, student
presentations, and student/teacher lectures. Quizzes, tests, projects and presentations will be used for assessments.
Evaluation Procedures:
The school-wide assignment tasks and assigned weights include the following: Homework (15%), Classwork/Participation
(20%), Quizzes (15%), Sponge/Exit (10%), Projects (20%), and Exams (20%).
Grading Policy:
A: 90 – 100%;
B: 80 – 89%;
C: 70 – 79%;
F: Below 0-69%.
The student should exhibit his/her best behavior at all times. Appropriate consequences will be administered
based on the severity of the behavior. No eating is allowed in the classroom.
Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating or plagiarizing will result in a grade of '0' .The student is expected to
show respect and honesty at all times to teacher and peers. Food is not allowed in the classroom. The students
should use the restroom, get water, and take care of personal necessities BEFORE coming to class. Students are
expected to DRESS FOR SUCCESS on Wednesday’s in either black or white attire or both for credit.
Required Class Supplies
• Pen (black or blue ink only)
• Pencil
• Flash drive/Jump drive to save computer assignments
• 1 ½” or 2”, 3”-ring binder (5 tab dividers for the binder)
o Objectives & Essential Question(s)
o Journal Section
o Notes Section
o Worksheets Section
o Misc. Section
Make-up Work
It is your responsibility to request your make-up work and the date that it is due. You can make-up assignments
if you have finished your daily assignment early or on Wednesday’s during tutorial times. Missed assignments
must be made up within three (3) school days. You can look for assignments in the Make-Up Bin. Retrieving
missed assignments must be done the day you return to school.
Completion of homework assignments is expected and required for success. It is expected that the assignment
will be completed by the beginning of the next class period. Homework will be checked on a regular basis.
Tardiness, Class Cutting and Suspension
The student should arrive to class on time. If a student accumulates excessive tardiness, the student will be
referred to the Leadership Team. You MUST have a tardy PASS when entering the classroom. If the student cuts
class, the student will not be allowed to make up missing work. A suspended student must follow all school
guidelines to ensure that they have the assignments that will be covered during their suspension. Students who
are suspended must also follow the procedures listed above under the heading "Make-up Work."
Week 1 - Chapter 1 - Ethics and the Law
Week 2 - Chapter 2 - Criminal Law
Week 3 - Chapter 3 - Problems in Society
Week 4 - Chapter 4 - The Law of Torts
Week 5 - Chapter 5 - A Dual Court System
Week 6 - Chapter 6 - Trial Procedures
Unit Activities - People’s Court
Twelve Angry Men - Absence of Malice - A Civil Action - Movie
Review for Final
Week 7 - Chapter 7 - How Contracts Arise
Week 8 - Chapter 8 - Genuine Agreement
Week 9 - Chapter 9 - Capacity to Contract
Week 10 - Chapter 10 - Consideration
Week 11 - Chapter 11 - Legality
Week 12 - Chapter 12 - Form of a Contract
Week 13 - Chapter 13 - How Contracts Come to an End
Week 14 - Chapter 14 - Assignment, Delegation, and Breach of Contract
Unit Activities - People’s Court
Review for Final
Week 15 –Chapter 18 – Buying and Insuring a Car and Mock Trial
Week 16 - Mock Trial
Week 17 - Chapter 23 – Employment Contracts & Minors and Employment
Week 18 – Chapter 32 – Writing Checks
Students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic honesty. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses or
purchases ghost-written papers or products. It also occurs when a student utilizes ideas or information obtained from another
person without giving credit to that person. If plagiarism or another act of academic dishonesty occurs, it will be dealt with in
accordance with the academic misconduct policy as stated in the Atlanta Public Schools Handbook and the Benjamin E.
Mays High School Handbook.
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