Parent Information from Mrs

Parent Information from Mrs. Hunton: SPANISH
I am looking forward to helping each student have a successful year in my class. Here are a few
ways in which you can help your child succeed.
1. Check to see that your child has completed each daily assignment, even if he or she finished it at
2. Help your child to be sure everything is ready to turn in when it is due.
3. Ask to see graded assignments. Your child will have a grade sheet in his or her binder. This grade
sheet should be kept up-to-date, enabling them to ALWAYS know what they may have in my class.
4. Help your child review for tests. Test preparation should begin prior to the night before the test.
5. After a test, ask your child about his or her score. Tests will be returned the day after it is administered.
6. Keep up with the school schedule so you will know when to expect progress reports and report cards. I
will update grades periodically. You should be able to access your students grades using the link
created on the Pizitz webpage
7. Be sure your child does not miss class unless absolutely necessary. If a student misses class, remind
him or her about the make-up policy.
8. Please use the Pizitz Middle School homework webpage. Homework assignments will be posted on a
daily basis as well as previous day’s assignments. The address is: My
personal website will also access homework assignments:
9. If you believe your child is unchallenged or has difficulty with regular work, special arrangements may
be made by contacting me as early in the year as possible.
10. If you would like to schedule a conference, please call the school at 402-5350. I can also be reached
via email. My address is [email protected]
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Please describe any special need(s) or goal(s) concerning your child’s performance this year.
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