Physical Development ** Longleaze Primary School Pick and Mix

Core Skills
Longleaze Primary School
Remember - reading must be done AT LEAST four times a week and other skills
should be practised twice a week.
Pick and Mix Home Learning
Maple Term 3
Read daily for 20 minutes or more, and then talk to someone about what you have read.
Keep a record of what you are reading.
Learn your spellings and spelling rules.
Learn and practise your mental maths skills and times tables
Use Mathletics and beat your score! Remember – You can get a certificate
Time Team – Pre-historic Man
At least four projects to be completed in addition to the Core Skills
Wednesday 25th March
Numeracy Problems
Make a timetable to show your activities over a weekend.
Collect data from your friends and family about their favourite breakfast.
You will need about 12 in your sample set. Then present it in a bar chart. **
**Indicates sibling activities
Remember – you can use school resources (e.g. books, paper, paint,
computers), just ask your teacher.
Communication, Language and Literacy
 Produce a comic strip to show a journey around
Avebury: the museum and the henge
 Make your own little booklet story about the
adventure of a child living at the Avebury site when it
was being built, or an adventure about something you
Creativity (Art /DT/Music)
are interested in.
 Design, make or draw a map of a different time or place with many land
features and mysterious places. Use a Key to explain your map **
 Draw a sketch or paint a picture of an ancient site such as Stonehenge.
Personal, Social and Emotional
 Draw a comic strip showing
the story of Easter.
 Make a banner / poster to
encourage people to reduce
their rubbish. **
Physical Development **
 Go for a walk in the countryside
and take pictures of different
parts of your journey.
 If you have a hobby or take part
in sports activities, take
pictures and write an
information page about yourself
Knowledge and Understanding
 Design your own food web. What happens if one of the
producers is killed off?
 Design a poster to show what MRS GREN is.