Historical Nonfiction/Fiction Book Report

Historical Fiction Book Report
1. Draw or paint a picture of two of the main characters in your book.
Write a summary of the characters, and how they influenced your
decision to draw or paint them. Be descriptive in what you think the
characters looked like and use your imagination. Persuade me to
believe who your character really is.
2. Make a power point about the time in history that your book is
placed. Be specific. Must have 6 to 7 slides of information. Such as the
background information or historical time frame that the story takes
3. Make a poster of your book of the characters, setting, climax,
resolution, and conclusion included.
4. Book Timeline- Use words and pictures to make a timeline of
important events from the book.
5. Book Collage- Create a collage using pictures that represent different
parts of the book.
6. Book Mobile- Create a mobile using the four story elements (setting,
character, plot, theme).