13 Colonies Study Guide - Catawba County Schools

13 Colonies Study Guide
Define the following vocabulary words.
1. Puritan2. charter3. Quaker4. indentured servant5. intolerant6. Separatist7. plantation8. sea dog9. joint stock company10. desolate11. colony12. House of Burgess13. Triangular Trade14. PilgrimShort Answer
15. What did King Charles II give the Lords Proprietors for helping him to become
the King again?
16. The colony of Virginia was named after what queen?
17. What was the first written government in the colonies called?
18. What was the name of the colony that disappeared?
19. Why did the colonists who settled the New England Colony leave England?
20. How would you describe the relationship between the Roanoke tribe and the
English of the Ralph Lane Colony?
21. Who was the Native American that was taken back to England?
22. What crop helped Jamestown succeed?
23. What was the name of the Quaker colony?
24. Who was the Colony of Carolina named after?
25. The Georgia Colony was colony for what group of people?
26. Why were the Puritans considered to be hypocrites?
27. What two items did the Roanoke tribe give to the English?
28. Which colonial region had plantation farming as its main economy?
29. What kind of economy did one find in the Southern Colonies?
30. What was the name of the 1st expedition to Roanoke?
31. What colony was established by Roger Williams and Ann Hutchinson?
32. What type of colony did Lord Baltimore set up in Maryland?
33. What was the name of the first successful English colony?
34. Who was the first governor of Jamestown?.
35. Why did the Roanoke Colony fail?
36. What long term effect rose from the increase in the Jamestown population and the
increase in tobacco plantations?
37. Why did the English choose Jamestown as the location for their colony?
38. What colony was founded by the Pilgrims?
39. In which colonial region was the soil too rocky for farming?
40. In which colonial region was the economy based on fishing and shipbuilding?
41. Why did the Lords Proprietors want people to settle the Carolina Colony
42. Which colonial region has plantation farming as their main economy?
43. Which colonial region had long winters and a short growing season?
44. Which colonial region had a year round growing season?
Name the (4) states that made up the New England Colonies.
Name the (4) states that made up the Middle Colonies.
Name the (5) states that made up the Southern Colonies.
In which colonial region was Puritan the main religion?
In which colonial region did the colonists leave England because of religious
50. Who established the colony of Pennsylvania?
51. Who was the governor of the Lost Colony?
52. What Native American helped the Jamestown colony to survive?
53. Who ordered the beheading of the Roanoke Chief Wingina?
54. Who was the first English born child in the New World?