Colonial America Bellringers

“We voyage for the Glory of God, the advancement of
the Christian faith, and the honor of our King and
country. We will start the first colony in the Northern
parts of Virginia. We, whether we like it or not, agree
and combine into a civil government, for the better
organization and perseverance of the colony. We agree
to have fair laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and
people in office, for the better of the colony. For this,
we promise to submit and obey.” – excerpt from
Mayflower Compact
What can we infer about the government of colonial
America from this document?
What is one question you have about the colonies after
this quote?
Watch this short video about the mysterious Roanoke
Which theory do you think is true about Roanoke? Do
you have your own theory?
What can you learn about daily life in
Jamestown from this drawing?
of Jamestown Fort
Which Colonial Region do you think this drawing
represents? Why?
Which colonial region do you think this drawing
represents? Why?