Quiz 1 Review

Quiz 1 Review
• What was the first successful colonial
settlement in the New World established by
• The first English colony faced many difficulties
early on, but began to thrive after John Rolfe
discovered that _______________ grew well
in the Virginia soil and could become a
valuable cash crop.
• What was the first legislative assembly in the
Virginia Colony?
House of Burgesses
• Who established the New England Colony and
• Puritans / religious freedom
• In the town of ________________ in the
1600’s there were a series of hearing where
several people were put on trial for being
suspected of witchcraft.
• Plymouth
• Who controlled the colony of New York
originally? What was it called?
• The Dutch / New Amsterdam
• The Colony of Pennsylvania was founded by
_________________________, a Quaker who
believed in justice and religious freedom
• William Penn
• The second leg of the triangular trade, which
carried slaves from Africa to the Americas, was
known as
• The Middle Passage
• Which group of colonies was most dependent
on agriculture slave labor?
• Why were the House of Burgesses and
Mayflower compact important? What did they
• They promoted self-government – important to the
development of democracy in America.
• Who founded the settlement of Providence
after being banished from the Massachusetts
Bay Colony?
• Roger Williams
• The following quote is most likely from
• “The institution of slavery is vital to our
economy. Why, I bet we have as many African
slaves as we do free Europeans... perhaps
even more. Without them, we could not begin
to produce the tobacco for which there is a
market in England and elsewhere.”
• plantation owner in Virginia
• A politician goes before Parliament and
passionately proclaims that the American
colonies are crucial to the British economy. He
tells his colleagues that it is important that
England export more products to other countries
than it imports. Otherwise, England’s wealth and
security will be in jeopardy. He believes the
colonies are important because they provide both
resources for production and markets for English
goods. What economic policy is this politician
advocating for?
• Mercantilism
Know the order of arrival of these
• Native Americans, colonists in Jamestown,
colonists in Massachusetts, the first African
Americans in the English colonies.
• Who would have disagreed with the Half-way
• members of the Puritan faith with different
opinions concerning church membership