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Title: Review Sheet #3
American Nation pp.84-109
1. What happened to the first attempt to colonize Roanoke Island?
2. Describe some of the problems that faced the Jamestown settlement.
3. How did John Smith save Jamestown?
4. What new crop helped save the economy of Jamestown?
pp. 86-87
5. Why did the Jamestown settlers buy slaves from the Dutch?
6. How was the Virginia colony governed?
pp. 87- 89
7. Why did the Pilgrims come to North America?
8. What was the Mayflower Compact, and why did the Pilgrims make it?
9. How did Squanto help save the Plymouth Colony?
pp. 94-96
10. What was the Massachusetts Bay Company’s bold plan?
11. How was the government in the colony of Connecticut different than the government
in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
12.What problems did Roger Williams have with the Puritan Church in the
Massachusetts Bay Colony?
13.How did the New Englanders make a living if they could not farm?
14.What happened to the New Netherlands in 1664?
15.Why did William Penn call Pennsylvania the “Holy Experiment”?
16.Define Cash Crop:
17.Why were the Middle Colonies called the Bread Basket?
18.What was the Act of Toleration, and why was it created?
19.Why did George Oglethorpe create the colony of Georgia?
20.What was the main cash crop of Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina?