Subject Content

8th Grade Science Syllabus
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Conference Period (2nd) 9:10-10:10
Subject Content
Student learning will be guided by the TEKS and STAAR objectives outlined by the state of Texas. This
integrated approach to science includes materials from the following fields of science: science process
skills, biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, astronomy, meteorology, and physics.
Materials Needed: The student will be required to keep and update their interactive science notebooks
(ISN) throughout the year. These notebooks will consist of notes, graded work, quizzes, lab reports,
projects, and tests. Your “book” for my science class will be the ISN. Your child will also need a pencil
or pen (blue or black ink only) and paper everyday for class.
Teacher Web page
You may access study materials, an assignment calendar, and independent practice links on this web page or go to Click on TM schools, select TM Middle School, choose Teacher and Staff for
submenu side bar, access 8th grade Teachers from submenu and click on the teacher’s name.
Classroom Rules
 Arrive to class prepared and on time.
 Come into class quietly, and sit in your assigned seat.
 Do not eat or drink in the classroom.
 Stay seated, unless instructed to do otherwise.
 Raise your hand and conduct yourself in a courteous manner.
 Respect yourself, all others and school property.
Consequences Levels:
Parent Contact
Office Referral
If you receive detention for breaking classroom rules, detention is held either before school, during lunch,
or after school based on the teacher’s, student’s, and parent’s ability to make arrangements for attending.
Grades: ***Please see back page for further information on campus grading policy
Each week a current average will be posted on the table of contents page in your ISN.
You may also access your average using the parent portal of the online grade book using the link below:
Retesting: A retest opportunity will be offered, but must occur before the next major grade is recorded.
This retest will occur either before or after school. There will be no corrections in 8th grade Science;
therefore your retest will not look like the same test. It will usually be short answer or fill in the blank
instead of multiple choice. Both grades (original and retest) will be recorded.
Making up Missing Work
Students who have missing assignments (for any reason – absences or forgetfulness) should make up
assignments and tests they missed within the time designated by the teacher. Failure to make up
assignments and tests will result in academic penalties.
All missing work shall receive one opportunity to make up the assignments.
Tutoring will be offered every Thursday morning from 7:45 – 8:15 beginning the second week of school.
Campus Grading Policy:
Grading of student work shall be authentic. Grades will reflect a student’s relative mastery of the
assigned material. Students may earn from 0 to 100 points per grade and NO minimum grade shall be
assigned. Conversely, no maximum grade shall be limited to less than 100 possible points. A minimum
number of 8 minor grades counting 35% of the student’s final grade and 2 major grades counting
65% of the final grade will be taken each six weeks.
Grading scale- A = 90—100 B = 80—89 C = 70—79 F = 0—69 I = Incomplete
Homework will be utilized to support the instructional program and to evaluate student progress.
Homework will also include assignments meant to meet the needs of individual students or groups of
Expectations: Make an effort to do your best quality work at all times. I want you and your classmates
to learn in a comfortable and safe environment. To allow this, you will be expected to follow my class
rules, be responsible and most of all, respect yourself and all who are around you. 
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