BusinessMangementSyllabus 2015-16

Business Management
Mr. Jonathan Hakim
[email protected] ext. 2321
M-F during flex & 2:46-3:15 and by appointment
District website and Schoology
This course is strongly recommended for students who intend to pursue a career in business,
however, should be taken by all students as a general knowledge course. Special emphasis will
be placed on the following: introduction to management, entrepreneurship, the evolution of
management, ethics in business, social responsibility, laws that regulate business, the
business cycle, and the global economy.
Each day, you should have the following materials with you:
 Pencil or pen
 Textbook—Business Management by Rue and Dyars, Glencoe Publishing Co.
 Notebook
 Folder/binder for THIS class
Reading: R8A111; R7A241; R8A261
Mathematics: M8A211; M8A311; M8A312; M8A222; M8A311
Economics: E6ABCD1.9; E6AB2.9; E6ABC3.9; E6ABEFGHI 3.9; E6C5.9; E6C2.9
 There will be tests, quizzes, projects, notebook checks and a final. The format of all
tests may include T/F, multiple choice, matching and completion. All test/quiz questions
will be based on lecture discussions and reading assignments.
There will be homework assignments. All homework assignments must be submitted in
class on the day specified and must be complete to receive credit.
Instruction format will include lecture, and class discussions, cooperative learning,
enrichment activities, critical thinking cases, research, and hands-on projects.
Grades will be calculated using a total point
system. Each test/assignment will count for a
certain amount of points. For example, a test
might be worth 85 points, and a quiz may count for
20 points. At the end of each marking period, the
student’s grade will be calculated by how many
points the student earned out of the total amount
of points possible. This is an easy way for you, as a
student, to keep track of your grade throughout
the semester. For example: Jackie has 345 points
for the quarter and there were a possible of 400
points-- 345/400 = .8625 To get a decimal to
percent-- .8625 x 100 = Jackie has an 86%
The grading scale is the same as is in your student
90%-100% = A
80%-89.9% = B
70%-79.9% = C
65%-69.9% = D
Less than 65% = F
Because an integral part of business is communication with others, playing an active role in
Business Management will not only help you, it will help your grade. 10% of your final grade is
depending on how you choose to participate in this class. For example – raising hand to
answer questions, helping fellow students who need assistance, even telling an interesting
story that relates to class…it all helps. Don’t just sit there, engage yourself!
Cell Phones/iPads/Laptops/Technology
In this class, you will be treated like a young adult being prepared for life after high school.
That being said, it is your responsibility to use technology at the proper times. If you fail to
be courteous to the teacher and your fellow students, your device will be confiscated and will
be returned at the end of the class period. Be respectful and there will be no problems.
The number one rule in my classroom is RESPECT. If you respect yourself, your
classmates, and your teacher, there will be absolutely no problems in my class. So many
rules don’t have to be stated if you follow the respect rule in my classroom.
No online games will be played without teacher consent. If a student is seen playing a
game they will receive a friendly reminder to turn the game off. If a student is playing
games any time after that during the marking period, computer privileges will be revoked
and/or more administrative actions will be taken.
Using laptops/Ipads is a privilege. If a student is off task because of their electronic
device, their laptop/Ipad usage will be revoked.
Be prepared for class. Always have a pen/pencil and current unit materials. Three (3)
times unprepared for class = Detention
Arrive to class on time and be in your seat when the bell rings. If you are late, be sure to
have a pass or it will be a tardy. Three (3) tardies = Detention
No food or GUM
Follow directions the FIRST time they are given
Students are dismissed by the teacher, NOT the bell. Remain in your seat until you are
dismissed by the teacher. PLEASE DO NOT LINE UP BY THE DOOR.
Don’t use inappropriate language. Again – Respect.
Don’t put any student down. No name calling/making fun of others for any reason –
Pride tickets – awarded for participation and many other reasons…will be discussed in
Consequences for breaking a Rule / Procedure:
I believe an open line of communication is the best means for dealing with
insubordination. As a student in my class, we will discuss the situation at hand
and come up with a solution, together. If after numerous attempts to correct
the situation and nothing is working, you will be given a teacher detention
and/or referred to the principal’s office for further administrative
Students who are absent, late, or leave class early for any reason are responsible for
information covered and announcements made during their absence. It is not the teacher’s
responsibility to let you know what you missed; the teacher didn’t miss class, you did – find
out what you missed from another student.
Students are expected to take tests and quizzes as scheduled. Homework assignments must
be turned in on the assigned due date in order to receive credit.
Please return this form within three days: (Freebie 10 points)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read & understand the course requirements for Business Management that are located
on High School Website> Teacher/Staff Websites> Business> Hakim, Jonathan.
**Please note: The class will be watching various episodes of “The Office” that
correlate to current topics covered in class. Please indicate below:
________ It is ok for my student to watch “The Office”
________ It is NOT ok for my student to watch “The Office”. Please have them leave
the room.
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Student Signature
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Parent/Guardian Email Address
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