Monthly Book Report

Book Reports
Mrs. Andrews’ Third Grade Class
IMPORTANT: Please keep these pages in a safe place at home or in your
homework folder all year. It is your record of what book reports you have
done and the options you have left!!!
This school year you are required to read books to reach reading goals in our accelerated
reading program. You will choose one of those books each trimester that you want to use
for a book report. For each book report you will write a paragraph summarizing the
book, create a project, and give a 4-5 minute presentation to the class. There is one book
report due each trimester and will be assigned at least one month in advance.
You may choose a book report project option only once throughout the school year.
Each book report is worth 60 points. Book report projects are similar to book
commercials. Your objective is to “sell” the book to the rest of the class so they will
want to read the book.
I would like for you to take this opportunity to have some fun while exploring new and
different books.
Book Report Project = 20 points
Reading grade
Oral Presentation
= 20 points
Listening & Speaking grade
Written Summary = 20 points
Writing grade
Total Points for
each Book Report
60 Points