Science Investigatory Project

Science Investigatory Project
I. Introduction (Due end of October)
- Background of the study
- Statement of the problem
- Hypothesis
- Significance of the study
- Scope and Limitations
- Definition of Terms
II. Review of Related Literature
III. Methodology (Due 2nd Week of January)
- Procedure
- Experimentation
- Data Analysis/Interpretation of results
- Conclusions
- Recommendations
- References
* It should be well documented!
* Third Trimester:
- Write the Abstract of your study
- Finalize your reports
- Be ready to defend your IP before February 2012 (Academic Week--- Science Fair).
* Format:
- Short bond-paper; Arial 12; Double space
- Compile your IP in a clear book per group.
- Powerpoint Presentations for the defense/presentation.
- Indicate the contribution of each member in the IP.