Decision Making Reflection Paper

Decision Making Reflection Paper
Write a 1-2 page reflection paper addressing the following questions:
 How do my decisions affect me now and in the future?
 How can I improve the decisions I make, whether it’s short term or
long term?
 How can one decision (small or big) make such an impact on my
 When making a decision, do I consider the impact of my actions on
others? If not, why?
 When you created your own unique problem and solved it using the 5
step decision making process, did you find it to help or hurt your
ultimate decision? Explain
 What will I take out of this unit on decision making?
 Any additional information you would like to share about decision
This paper is expected to meet NPHS academic standards for grammar,
style, and quality of research.
50 Total Points will be given based on quality of work, as well as
addressing each specific question thoroughly and completely.