Food, Inc. Reflection

Doing Faith Justice
Reflection #4: Food, Inc. (test grade)
Food, Inc. brings up a variety of environmental and social justice issues, including:
rights of animals (Ch.1)
rights of farmers to grow food and raise animals without policy regulations that keep them in
debt (1),
rights of consumers to know what is in their food (2),
rights of the government to regulate unsafe food (3)
rights of consumers to have access to healthy food (4),
rights of workers to safe working conditions (5),
problems that can arise from companies having exclusive rights to the genetic information of
seeds (7)
Choose one or more of these rights, discuss the details involved, and assess what can be done to ensure
that these rights are preserved. (This requires action from multiple groups of people—such as
consumers, producers, and government regulators, etc.) The Food, Inc. discussion guide and the surveys
you completed in class are good resources to help you think through your response. There are some
ideas for action on the attached sheet that you might also find helpful.
In other words, your reflection should include a thorough discussion of one of the topics listed above
and a well thought-out solution.
Length: At least one full page.
Extra Credit:
If time permits, use one of the computers to research a topic about sustainability. Choose one of the
following topics: carbon footprint, global climate change, subsistence farming, sustainable economic
practices, environmental accounting, sustainable development, Patagonia’s sustainable
manufacturing, organic cotton, ecotourism, or biofuels. Give me a definition of the word and anything
you find interesting about it—be creative! Make sure you put quotes around anything you quote
directly, and cite your source. I’ll include the info in a power point about sustainability for our next
class, and you’ll share your findings with the class. This can count for a total of 5 extra points toward
this Reflection 4 test grade. Email me with your research by Saturday night.