Family Interview Assignment

 Find a member of your family (can be immediate
family or a more distant relative) and ask them the
questions on the following slide.
 It does not matter how you contact them, it can be in
person, on the phone, or by email.
 If you find something interesting in your conversation
aside from the questions on the next slide, please feel
free to include it in your write-up as well!
Where were you born? Where did you spend the
majority of your childhood living? How is it different
or similar from where you are now?
What family did you grow up with and how did you
interact? How often did you eat meals together?
What holidays did you celebrate? How did you
divide up chores?
What was expected of you academically?
What do you consider to be some of the most
important events or turning points in your life?
Finally, what cultures (according to our definition)
do you identify with?
 Describe the answers that you received from your
interviewee and share what you found out.
 Include direct quotes when appropriate!
 Reflect on:
 what you already knew and what is new information to
 what parts of your life experience are similar to that of
your family member and what parts seem to be very
 You’ve already done this once, so it’s pretty simple: ask
a different family member the same questions, and
write a summary of and reflection about their answers.
 The only difference is that – this time – I also want you
to include in your reflection some comments
comparing your two family member’s experiences. Do
they have very similar backgrounds and experiences,
or did they have very different things to say about their
cultural identify?