Weekly Journals & Final Reflection Paper

Weekly Journals & Final Reflection Paper
Each student will be responsible for writing a half page reflection journal EACH
WEEK on their experience. You may decide to write about an
experience/situation from that week, something new you learned, etc. The sky is
the limit. It should be school/work appropriate.
At the end of the semester, the students are responsible for writing a Reflection
Paper that should include the following information:
Name of your job
Times you usually work (day and time)
Supervisor’s name
List of duties that you perform
3 things you like about your job
2 things you do not like about your job
2 recommendations for your boss about changes you would make at your
work site
8. How many other people work with you
9. What are their job titles?
10.Give a job description of what you think your supervisor does
11.Choose one other person that works at your job and describe what their job
duties are
12.Write a final paragraph about what job you would like to do in your future
The paper should be at least 1 page, TYPED, and SINGLE spaced, 1 inch margins.