S. Growth Accelerator - Application template

Intro slide
« Your 1 or 2 liner statement / tag-line »
(Website? Pictures, Video? Other links?)
Problem Statement
What is the problem you’re addressing?
Who cares?
What’s your product, service or technology?
How impactful/disruptive is it in your field?
Market Analysis
What market are you addressing?
How big is it? Today? In the future?
Business Model
How will you make money from your product,
service or technology?
What have you achieved, and what are your next steps?
What’s your customer & product development approach?
(How will you get the right product in the hands of the right customer?)
Financial Projections
What’s it gonna cost, and when will we get rich?
Competitive Advantage
What is the competitive landscape?
How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
Who are you? What you’ve done? And where you want to
Why are you the best team to get the job done?
Why do you want to work with us?
What are your specific goals for the 12 week
program?(Progress, sales, funding…)
How can we best help you succeed?