Communicative Grammar Evaluation Sheet

Communicative Grammar Evaluation Sheet, Test 1
0 – no response, 1 – needs practice, 2 – okay, 3 – good
Situation: Last month, Randall decided to go on a winter snowshoeing adventure through
the backcountry in Utah. You tried to convince him not to attempt the trip because he
seemed so ill prepared for the outing. However, he didn’t heed your advice and went
anyway. After a week of not receiving word from him, rescue personnel were sent out
looking for him, but were turned back because of poor weather conditions. Finally, after
one month and all hope was gone, you receive a phone call from the police reporting that
Randall had been found along the roadside near death, but he’d probably survive. If
Randall really wanted to go on such an adventure, what should he have done to prepare
more and lessen the risk of getting lost in the wilderness?
Conversational Skill
Speaker A
Pronunciation: have → of to → ta
0 1 2 3
Grammar Competence: past tenses and modals
__/ 10
__/ 10
Discourse Competence: Organizes and discusses topic in a
cohesive way using transitional of time / sequence.
0 1 2 3
Strategic Competence: Circumlocution, asking for help,
repetition, seeking clarification, agreeing/disagreeing
0 1 2 3
Vocabulary and Ideas: Uses words sufficient for the task.
Functional Competence: Completes the assigned task.
0 1 2 3
Non-Verbal Competence: Backchannel cues (uh-huh, oh,
really, etc.) for showing interest and understanding.
0 1 2 3
Speaking Total: ___ / 45 points
Written Test Total: ___ / 100 points
Final Total (speaking and written): ___ / 145 points (___%)