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the business idea
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Education/occupation/research area:
Title of the idea:
Your business idea
Describe the important need or problem that your idea is addressing.
Describe your approach to satisfy that need. What makes your idea unique?
Who is the future user?
Which different groups of paying customers do you foresee?
What are the values/benefits for the users/customers from your approach?
What is the competition and what alternatives are currently available?
Have you been in contact with anyone (potential customer, other person, or
organization) regarding your idea?
If yes, what were their reactions to your idea?
Background of the idea
Describe the background of how the idea was initiated.
Who has been involved with the idea, or, if applicable, who has been involved in the
research results and discoveries?
Team – ambition and competence
Describe your ambitions with respect to the business idea. What is your role in the
commercialization of the idea?
Description of
the business idea
Describe your specific competence and how it will contribute to the development of
the business idea.
Do you need to complement your team with a specific competence in order to move
the project forward?
What kind of help do you need from Uminova Innovation?
Would you prefer that someone else is involved in evaluating and developing your
idea, for example, via the Academic Business Challenge or via Uminova Innovation’s
matchmaking program?
Comments, business coach
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