Bike Routes

Action Plan
Reinstatement of City Bike Routes
Contact members of Western Illinois Network of Trails and Greenways
(WINTAG), Campus Greens, Environmentally Concerned Citizens and the
Macomb Bicycle Club. Ask members to make contact with city officials (Mayor
Wisslead and ALL alderman) requesting rededication of the existing bicycle
routes as outlined in Macomb Municipal Code, Section 15-289 (see attached.)
Ask all people for a commitment to turn out for any city council meetings where
the subject may be discussed (there would likely be no more than 3.)
Contact Mark Larson, owner of The Bike Shop, and ask permission to place a
petition at his business. If he is agreeable, a sizeable number of signatures may
be captured there.
Both of the preceding steps should be taken prior to contacting the Macomb City
Council for action on the request. Demonstrable public interest by more than 20
people automatically creates more interest in elected officials.
Make clear to the city council that the only action being requested is marking of
routes currently on the books. No expansion of routes is being asked for at this
Be sure news organizations are aware of and have press releases on the subject
prior to raising it. This allows them to formulate questions and lets them know
who is proposing the action.