File - Rural Connect

Summary of process for Medal Routes
1. Consider where would make a good walking hub and liaise with the project
2. Determine the post code of the walking hub- essential to pinpoint it and
please ensure there are places for posters and sticker promoting the projectplaces like libraries, community centres, cafes, visitor centres are all good
3. Once hub confirmed map 3 short circular routes – bronze ( 1 mile or less),
silver ( 2 miles or less) and gold ( 3 miles or less)
4. All routes start and finish at the walking hub. Try to get routes which lead
people to a green space such as a park, along a river and back. Try to use
good paths, gravel paths are ok too and try to avoid any increase in height- if
this is unavoidable then shorten the length- we all walk more slowly up- hill!
5. Consider places of interest along the route- historical e.g a birth place,
cultural, environmental and include at least 1 unique piece of information like
this in each of the 3 routes
6. Map the routes on . Keep these private but send me
the link and a short description of 130 words on a word document for each of
the 3 routes. The word document can have all 3 route descriptions and a link
to each route on walk4life on it
7. Avoid descriptions like ‘go north’ instead stick to ‘turn left’, ‘turn right’
8. Perhaps ask a friend to walk the route after you have mapped and described
9. Send the word document to the project officer- include any names/logos for
10. Liaise with project officer as the Walking Hub moves to the next steps