8. Routes into Languages report - July 2015

Routes into Languages Update for UCML July 2015
This is a busy time of year for competition finals organised by Routes Consortia, for example:
Pop video competition
Mother Tongue Other Tongue celebration event supported by Amir Khan and Carol Ann
Languages challenge
Foreign Language Spelling Bee (this has featured in lots of local newspaper articles and some
participants have been interviewed on BBC Radio Newcastle)
Great Languages Bake-Off
The Routes national team is organising a series of employability webinars with expert panels. The
first one focuses on translating and interpreting and is scheduled for Friday 10 July at 12.30
https://www.routesintolanguages.ac.uk/national/news/4257 - you can also follow the discussion on
Twitter #Routeslive - further webinars will take place next year.
Evaluation of last year’s activities has now been completed and relevant reports will appear on the
Routes website shortly.
Angela Gallagher-Brett
July 2015