Sequencing - Heritage Baptist Church

4’s Skills
Heritage Learning Center
Skill Sheet
Relates stories in sequence
As children begin to learn to read, it is not enough to be able to decode
the individual words; they must be able to read with comprehension.
Being able to put the story in sequence and remember what happens first
is important.
We work with the children by discussing the stories that we read. We also
sometimes ask them to put three or four picture cards “in the correct
order” and tell about what is happening. For instance, the pictures may
depict someone picking an apple from a tree, putting a ladder up to the
tree and eating the apple. The children can put the pictures in any order
as long as they can make a viable story out of their arrangement.
You can help your child by talking with him/her about activities you have
done together and asking him/her to tell you what you did first, second,
third. As you plan activities to do together try to plan them in sequence
and be very clear about what needs to be done first, etc.
Find or draw simple pictures that tell a story. Have your child put the
pictures in order and tell you the story. (Any order is right if the child can
tell a reasonable story about it.)
Read a favorite fairly tale. Ask your child to retell the story. What
happened first, second, and in the end?
Allow your child to tell others about recent family events without
interruption or correction.