Unit 6 Advice (Bonding & Molecular Structure)

Unit 6 Advice (Bonding & Molecular Structure)
There are new structures other than those that you
learned in Gen Chem. Make sure you know those for the
AP exam. Make sure you remember the method of
drawing the lewis for structures. Guaranteed FRQ on
Know your molecular structures
Know bond strengths and lengths
-bond types
-Ionic/covalent bonds
-resonance structures
-formal charges
-lewis dot structures
Understand Bond Energy
Understand Bond Length
Know how to make the proper Lewis Dot Structures
Understand Hybridization
Remember the octet rule
Know the polarity of a structure.
Know the charge of a structure
Know electronegativity
~ It is pretty much a gen. Chem review with a little extra
-understand and memorize all the shapes that a molecule can take
-understand that d orbitals aren’t valence electrons
-understand sp sp2 etc. hybridization (means that new electron orbitals are formed during
-Know how to add and subtract bond energy