Alternative DNA Extraction Lab Assignment

Biology Enriched
Ms. Buchalski
Alternative Assignment
Alternative Chromatography Lab Assignment
Virtual LabInstructions:
Go to the following website. Read about chromotagrophy and watch the reenactment of a
chromatography separation. When you are done, answer the questions that are found
1) What is the purpose of chromatography?
2) Summarize the process of paper chromatography.
3) What pigments were separated out in the virtual chromatography?
4) It is evident from chromatography that there is more than one pigment present in the
leaves of plants. Why do most leaves appear to be green?
Biology Enriched
Ms. Buchalski
Alternative Assignment
5) What is the purpose of chlorophyll a and b in a leaf? What about xanthophyll and
carotene? (You may have to look this up in your book or online)
6) How might the distribution of leaf pigments differ in a leaf that is dark green in color
versus one which is light green in color?
7) Many leaves change color in autumn. How is it possible for this color change to
happen? Base your answer on your new knowledge of pigments present in chloroplasts.
(Hint: Chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b are easily broken down by the cooler autumn
8) Why do leaves have chlorophyll?
9) What is the equation for photosynthesis?