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World Cultures

Course guide and Information


Mrs. Blaszczyk

Welcome back to school. I am looking forward to a fantastic year together!! A successful classroom is built upon a foundation of mutual respect. With your cooperation we will be learning a lot this year and having fun doing it.

You may contact me at [email protected]


I will expect you to follow the classroom expectations that you have placed into to your interactive notebook. Please refer to these often.

________________________________ __________________________________


We will be using Glencoe Exploring Our World, People, Places, and


You will be able to access your book online.

You will go to www.

You will then put in the following access code: DCD6BD325E

Grading policy

60% tests, quizzes, written assessments (benchmarks) and projects

30% class work/participation

10% homework

Class work/Homework

Class work and homework will be posted on my webpage on the school web site.

I will also be posting material on a website called Edmodo. We will all access this site in class to register. Once registered, you will put your password here.

class code______________________ password______________________


Students who are absent can pick up their missed work from the class work folders.

Students are responsible to make up any missed tests or quizzes.

Extra help

Extra help is always available afterschool but not on a Tuesday.

Please let me know one day in advance if you would like to come for extra help.