Checklist of Assignments, Grade Monitor

CEC FIPP Activity Report
Name Holly Schumacher
Date 12/02/2010
Department Student Services - Counseling
FIPP Partner Karla Coti
Class title & section # Human Development 8 - Section # 9249
Name of Activity/Strategy Checklist of Assignments - Grade Monitor
Category: (Please select only one.) (Reminder: You will submit one report from each of
the categories.)
Classroom Activity
Classroom Environment
Classroom Expectations
Feedback & Evaluation
Homework & Out-of-Classroom Learning Experiences
Briefly describe the activity/strategy, providing enough detail so that a colleague can
replicate the activity/strategy.
1. Introduction This assignment was an on-going activity. I introduced it on the
second day of class and then kept referring to filling it out throught the course. I
used this activity as a means to monitor the student's progress after quizzes,
collecting extra credit and half-way through the class for homeworks and class
activities. Students have to turn in this assignment at the end of the semester
to show that they are aware of any missed activities, quizzes, homeworks, etc.
2. Set-up & Supplies I gave the one page handout to the class on the second day
and had the students mark down their points for attendance and the first few
assignments so far. I talked about the importance of taking control of their
education and empowering themselves to succeed. I then encouraged them to
track their own progress in the class and to determine what kind of grade they
wanted to achieve. I also advised them to let me know when they would like to
complete some extra credit assignments. After the first and second quizzes, I
talked about the assignment again and offered to go over the handout with
each student individually to check their grade progress. Students were required
to use their own writing utensil.
3. Directions I advised the students to fill in their earned points on each line of the
activity form to monitor their grade. I also noted that I would double check their
points for them so our scores would match. I invited students to check their
progress with me throughtout the semester and especially after quiz number 1
and 2.
What worked well? My students actually filled out the paper! I saw students each day of
class taking out the form and filling in the blanks. I would walk by their cubicle style
desks and the assignment would be out and partically filled in. Many of my students
would come up to me after class and check their points with me to make sure I had all
their points correctly noted. If someone had not turned in an assignment or two, I would
suggest some extra credit opportunities. The assignment opened up some great
dialogue with my students that really showed them I cared about their success in the
class. I didn't think this assignment would help me connect with my students, but it did.
Students would tell me specifically what assignments they were stuggling with and I was
able to work with them to help them achieve a passing grade in the class.
What would you change? I would not change the assignment. In fact, I plan to use this
activity in all my future classes. It is simple to fill out and students actually take the time
to fill in blanks. Anything that helps students stay on top of their assignments is a
winning strategy to me.
Would you use the activity/strategy again? Why or why not? Yes. I would deifinietly use
this activity again. I think that it is applicable and will be equally as effective in any
Human Development course. Although my class is not over yet, I think it may help me
with my final grading. Sometimes I have some 0 point scores for students and I wonder
if those scores are accurate. Now I can double check by looking at the student's grade
monitor sheet assignment. I love a strategy that can help me with final grade accuracy
and help students keep track of their class progress. I think it will cut down on those
emails I get after a class is over when students ask, "Professor, why didn't you pass
me?" Now they will know exactly why - lack of points!
Please describe any student learning and/or changes that you observed after the
implementation of the activity/strategy. Since this activity was an on-going one, I saw the
students utilizing the grade monitor sheet throughout the semester. That tells me they
care about their progress. The students regularly checked with me on their points and
they were genuinely concerned when they received a 0 for something. It made them
eager to make up the points they had not earned. This activity heightened their
awareness of their progress and motivated them to have some points on every line.
Amazing results for a simple activity!