Engineering Disciplines (Fields) – PowerPoint Presentation Rubric

Engineering Fields - PowerPoint Presentation
Your assignment is to research one type of engineering in depth. You will be
creating a presentation but you will not have to present in front of the class.
You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, create a website, or any other presentation
software of your choice. The following five areas are required.
-Defined/described what this engineering discipline did.
-Provided at least four examples of the kinds of projects this engineer would be
involved with (pictures). Be sure to include at least two types of tools or
equipment that this engineer would use in their job (pictures).
-A company and their product/project
-Identified one company that employed this engineer and the product/project
that they created (pictures).
-Organization and flow
-Was well-organized in presenting the information. (There should be a good
flow in the presentation where the information is in a logical order that is easy
for the audience to follow). Additionally, make sure you have provided
interesting images (pictures, charts, etc…).
-Most interesting fact
-Answered the question: “What aspect of this discipline is the most
fascinating/interesting to them?”